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Track Two's Network Effect

Updated: 5 days ago

Sunset at Esalen. April 25, 2023.

November 7, 2023

Track Two's work in non-state diplomacy is more crucial than ever. Between the power struggles and the related and devastating human suffering, we understand there is a better way forward. There is a better way for the sake of our planet, our creativity, our hearts, and our children. That way forward is the essence of our work. It is formed in surprising friendships and initiatives. We invite you to support us as our work continues and grows in 2024.

In 2023 the Track Two network flourished despite the turbulence of war. We held a gathering at Esalen on the Russia-Ukraine war. We included participants from both Russia and Ukraine, some working in the war zones. The conference provided a safe place for deep and intimate discussion and for enriching learning for all who attended. Perspectives shifted; insights were gained; and collaborations were initiated.

The Track Two "network effect" is invigorating our friends and colleagues. It reflects our purpose and the reason you have supported us these many years. With new Board members, a new generation of participants in our gatherings and renewed energy for our work, we look forward to a year of extraordinary impact.

To share a few notes about our work:

  • Weekly resources on the Russia Ukraine War, and more recently reflecting on the Israel Hamas war, are read by hundreds of Track Two participants including our eldest and youngest members from the US, Russia, Europe and the Middle East. Their responses bring news and collaborations from every corner of our network.

  • The History Project chronicles Track Two's activity from the late 1970's and traces the long-term nature of our citizen diplomacy within the context of and despite all the vicissitudes of political relationships. More than forty in depth interviews have been completed. A draft for a book is underway and videos and podcasts are in the works for 2024, unlocking the mysterious capacity of Track Two's diplomacy.

  • International Abrahamic Network, our work to bring Israelis and Palestinians together to foster greater peace, supports individuals from numerous peace building organizations. Prior to the Hamas attack of October 7, 2023, our associated organizations, The Parents Circle, Combatants for Peace, Sulha and Women of the Sun, advanced their courageous work to bring Israelis and Palestinians together. Despite the war today, their work continues and Track Two, informed and inspired by them, presses forward the desire for peace.

  • One Network, our program to connect participants across our regions of work, spawned several cross-border projects: a prize for Ukrainian and Russian journalists; climate working groups; arts and literary collaborations, technology solutions, and ongoing appreciation for our human potential. These offer new solutions for old and seemingly intractable geopolitics.

  • Oceans 22, a project launched in 2022 to unite scientists and negotiators on oceanic marine protections, offered frequent encounters between our participants and across our networks. The crucial goal of this effort is to keep these relationships going particularly when securing protections has been thwarted by political resistance. One group has been working with biologists from Russia and China on ocean climate solutions. Later this year another group, including a Track Two team member, will convene in Europe to further these discussions and efforts.

These are but a small sampling of the many activities of Track Two. Our members frequently remind us that Track Two’s work, connecting them to change makers who share their desire to build peace across areas of conflict, is their support system! We are honored to meet this need and we are inspired to do more.

Please join us as we build upon these connections. The war in the Middle East and the invasion of Ukraine remind us just how indispensable track two diplomacy has become. Governments are unable to connect the dots we connect. Help us by making a donation to Track Two for our work in 2024.

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