The International Abrahamic Network (IAN), a project co-sponsored by Track Two and Esalen’s Center for Theory & Research, was founded on the notion that all peoples seek and deserve dignity and with the goal of helping to build reconciliation among Jews, Christians, and Muslims around the world. IAN focuses on the historical roots of Jewish-Christian-Muslim animosities from psychological and spiritual perspectives. It explores which historical clashes from the very beginnings of the Abrahamic relationships set the stage for the resentments, fears, and hatreds that have endured across centuries.  

Participants of IAN from the Middle East and the United States work and collaborate on projects centered on peacebuilding. 


In November 2017 IAN held its tenth conference with the goal of strengthening existing connections and planning initiatives for 2018 and 2019. Members from Israel, Palestine, San Francisco, Washington DC and Cambridge convened to discuss the practices that individual organizations in our network are employing. These can be emulated across the IAN to address areas in need of support and to identify further opportunities for collaboration, within the group and amongst individual members.

In 2019 Track Two and CTR is designing a conference on human potential and peacebuilding for the middle east with an emphasis on human dignity and social justice.





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