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Image by Joseph Chan


Track Two has gathered journalists, educators, scientists, authors and artists from the North Pacific Rim since 2008 and formalized the program in 2018. Our goal is to improve relations between the seven nations in this northern arena (China, Russia (Far East) North Korea, South Korea, Japan, Canada and the United States) by building a network of influencers who are connected through the transformative work Track Two has engaged in since its inception. Recognizing that many influencers and eperts from China now live in the diaspora which boasts 200 million people, Track Two works with emgrees to bring connection, shared eperience and best practices for activists and peace-builder. 

Image by Fezbot2000


In 2023 the NPRP met again for an evening discussion to update old and new members of the network on latest developments in Hong Kong and mainland China in particular. Issues involving surveillance activities, commerce, media and religious tensions were addressed. Discussion about the current environment for social change motivated by the human potential and perhaps some connection to global good also ensued. Prevailing sentiment was that in China today the greatest focus is on progress, accumulation of wealth and power. And yet a group visiting Esalen is exploring a different opportunity - to bring practices of the human potential field to China by way of a center. This group is exploring human potential for the general good, not for simply for self-enhancement.

Image by Mathew Schwartz


With this in mind Track Two continues to expand its network for the North Pacific Rim Program. At a series of conferences where members of each program come together to address a single galvanizing topic, we are inviting new participants from the North Pacific Rim to join.  In 2022 Track Two is hosting small gatherings for the NPRP in California and on the East Coast.

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