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Track Two convenes non-governmental influencers across borders and provides them with the space and tools to form alliances that spawn peace building networks. These influencers include journalists, artists, educators, students, writers, business and non-profit leaders, psychologists, scientists and philosophers. 

Drawing on a long history of successful citizen diplomacy grounded in self-awareness, Track Two structures gatherings so that participants can explore the conditions and predispositions that influence their own actions and those of others. These convenings are held at Esalen Institute (Big Sur, CA) and in various locations within its areas of concentration: Russia, the Middle East and the North Pacific including China. Our aim is to help participants work with colleagues from different sectors to reimagine solutions to a variety of problems. 



Today Track Two has four objectives: 

  • To establish and/or expand networks of influencers in its four regions of operations: The United States, Russia, the Middle East and the North Pacific; 

  • To connect these networks to each other, for the sharing of wisdom and to enhance their power through cooperation;

  • To celebrate, extend and support projects initiated and maintained by these networks;

  • To keep its networks informed about and engaged in ongoing peace-building activities.

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