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Resources: The Israel-Hamas War

Southern aerial view of the Temple Mount (Hebrew: הַר הַבַּיִת‎, Har HaBáyit, Arabic: الحرم الشريف‎, al-Haram al-Šarīf), showing, Al-Aqsa Mosque (Hebrew: הַר הַבַּיִת‎, Arabic: المسجد الأقصى المبارك‎) in the Old City of Jerusalem (Hebrew: העיר העתיקה‎, Arabic: البلدة القديمة‎). Al-Aqsa Mosque is considered to be the third holiest site in Islam after Mecca and Medina. The Temple Mount, which is called by Muslims Al-Aqsa Mosque, is considered to be the premier holy site in Judaism as it is the place where the first and second Temples stood. (Andrew Shiva, CC BY-SA 4.0 DEED, via Wikimedia Commons)


The resources included in this list are not original to Track Two and do not in any way reflect any position on the events and individuals described and alluded to. Track Two attempts to present an aggregation of news media that reflects a variety of perspectives just as it informs its audiences of relevant coverage of certain international issues, including the Ukraine War.


UPDATED 7/3/2024

  • Why Palestinian Unity Matters (Foreign Affairs)

  • Is Israel-Hezbollah war inevitable? (Responsible Statecraft)

  • Will forcing ultra-Orthodox to fight upend Israel's gov't? (Responsible Statecraft)

  • Analysis | Iran's 'Axis of Resistance' Against Israel Will Have to Make Do Without Syria (Haaretz)

  • Analysis | Despite Escalating Threats, Iran Isn't Rushing Toward a Direct Clash With Israel (Haaretz)

  • Hmmm Analysis | Fact or Fiction: Is Israel Unfairly Singled Out for Global Condemnation? (Haaretz)

  • Analysis | Israel's Burden-bearing Public Is Frustrated. It Won't Let the Military Get Away With a Symbolic Haredi Draft (Haaretz)

  • Escalating Israel-Hezbollah clashes threaten to spark regional war and force US into conflict with Iran (The Conversation)

  • Israel’s War on Gaza is the Deadliest Conflict on Record for Journalists (The Intercept)

  • Why Recognizing Palestine Is Essential for the Two-State Solution (Carnegie)

  • Palestinians Without Palestine? (Carnegie)



A Conversation with Women Wage Peace Activists Naama Barak Wolfman and Hyam Tannous

A Conversation with Alon-Lee Green, Co-Director of Standing Together | Wilson Center

WFP's Matthew Hollingworth on Gaza: 'Famine means failure' | Al Jazeera

An Israeli and a Palestinian Talk Peace, Dignity and Safety | Ali Abu Awwad and Ami Dar | TED

טקס יום הזיכרון המשותף 2024  | The Joint Memorial Day Ceremony | مراسم يوم الذكرى المشترك 2024

How to Stave Off a Famine in Gaza | Foreign Policy

U.S. Policy and the Israel-Hamas War: A Conversation with Ambassador David Satterfield

From Tragedy to Triumph: Overcoming Loss and Fighting for Peace | The InterAct Education Center

What Does it take to be a Woman in Leadership? | The InterAct Education Center

Nursing Hub | Lion's Hub (via Project Rozanna)




  • Gaza war: a ceasefire depends on a leap of faith from both sides – Northern Ireland showed us how (The Conversation)

  • Israeli and Palestinian Peace Activists Meet With Pope to Share Their Dream of a Shared Future (Haaretz)

  • Middle East student dialogue: As an expert in deep conflict, what I’ve learned about making conversation possible (The Conversation)

  • Israel-Gaza: how opinion polls used in Northern Ireland could pave a way to peace (The Conversation

  • Israeli peace activists are more anguished than ever − in a movement that has always been diverse and divided, with differing visions of ‘peace’ (The Conversation)

  • A Jewish-Arab Partnership Is Building a Young New Peace Camp in Israel (Haaretz


  • The Shallow Roots of Iran’s War With Israel (Foreign Affairs)

  • Iran, Israel, and America’s Future in the Middle East (Foreign Affairs)

  • Why Iran and Israel Stepped Back From the Brink (Foreign Affairs)

  • Is an Anti-Iran Alliance Emerging in the Middle East? (Foreign Affairs) 

  • The Iran-Israel War Is Just Getting Started (Foreign Policy) 

  • The enormous risks and uncertain benefits of an Israeli strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities (Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists)

  • The War Games of Israel and Iran (The New Yorker)

  • Can Israel and Iran Step Back From the Brink? (Foreign Affairs)

  • Israel hits back at Iran: How domestic politics is determining Israeli actions (The Conversation)

  • Iran and Israel’s War Comes Out of the Shadows (Foreign Affairs)

  • Israeli Response to Iran Attack Seems Inevitable, Despite Allies’ Pleas (The New York Times)

  • After Iran’s attack on Israel, is a devastating regional war next? (The Conversation)

  • 3 Ways Israel Could Respond to Iran (Foreign Policy)

  • Israel says it will retaliate against Iran. These are the risks that could pose to Israel (AP News)

  • How Will Israel Respond to the Iranian Attack? (Foreign Policy)

  • Why Israel-Iran War Is a Lifeline for Netanyahu (Foreign Policy)

  • Why Iran’s failed attack on Israel may well turn out to be a strategic success (The Conversation)

  • Iran’s Order of Chaos (Foreign Affairs)

  • Iran's risky bid to redefine deterrence with Israel (Responsible Statecraft)

  • Iran Attack Means an Even Tougher Balancing Act for the U.S. in the Middle East (Council on Foreign Relations)

  • Reactions From Wilson Center Experts to the Iranian Attack Against Israel (Wilson Center)

  • Analysis | Israel Must Weigh Its Response to Iran's Unprecedented Attack Against the Threat of Hezbollah (Haaretz)

  • Analysis | Israel Made Mistakes on Gaza. It Has More to Lose on Iran (Haaretz)

  • The Fate of Israel’s Hostages After Iran’s Rocket Attack (The New Yorker)

  • The Next Israel-Iran Fight Could Be in Cyberspace (Foreign Policy)

  • The Middle East Could Still Explode (Foreign Affairs)








  • Israel testing Egypt's 'weak hand' in Gaza conflict (Responsible Statecraft)

  • Israel Is Losing America (Foreign Affairs)

  • Can America’s Special Relationship With Israel Survive? (Foreign Affairs)

  • Norway, Ireland, Spain recognise the state of Palestine pressuring others to follow suit as IDF continues assault on Gaza (The Conversation)

  • ICC arrest warrants: why attempts to prosecute war criminals too soon can complicate peace efforts (The Conversation)

  • Gaza and the Breakdown of International Law (Foreign Affairs)

  • A UN Trusteeship for Palestine (Foreign Affairs)

  • Rift or Rupture? (Foreign Policy)

  • Media coverage of campus protests tends to focus on the spectacle, rather than the substance (The Conversation

  • Gaza war: success of Egypt’s peace deal would set blueprint for future of Middle East – expert Q&A  (The Conversation) 

  • Is the Gaza war destabilizing Jordan? (Responsible Statecraft)

  • Israel Will Get Its Aid, but Its Standing in Washington Has Never Been Shakier (Haaretz)

  • Hostage Deal Talks Are in Crisis Mode, and Israel Is Hoping That Riyadh Can Help (Haaretz)

  • The Middle East Is Still Post-American (Foreign Affairs)

  • Gaza update: pressure mounts on Israel’s allies to stop supplying the weapons to prevent genocide (The Conversation)

  • Only the Middle East Can Fix the Middle East (Foreign Affairs)

  • The UN Security Council demanded a Gaza ceasefire - what happens now? (Reuters)

  • What the Latest U.N. Cease-Fire Vote Means (Foreign Policy

  • How Israel Quietly Crushed Early American Jewish Dissent On Palestine (The Intercept)

  • With Every New Atrocity in Gaza, Iran Gains More Influence (The Nation)

  • Lebanese-Israeli fighting looks set to scuttle plans for historic land border settlement (The Conversation)

  • Bias hiding in plain sight: Decades of analyses suggest US media skews anti-Palestinian (The Conversation)

  • The Power Vacuum in the Middle East (Foreign Affairs)

  • Wargame simulated a conflict between Israel and Iran: It quickly went nuclear (Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists)

  • War Between Israel and Hezbollah Is Becoming Inevitable (Foreign Policy)

  • The EU’s flagging credibility in the Middle East (Responsible Statecraft)

  • U.S. Policy and the Israel-Hamas War: A Conversation with Ambassador David Satterfield (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace)

  • Governing Gaza After the War: The Regional Perspectives (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace)

  • The Abraham Accords Are Alive (The National Interest)

  • How Gaza Reunited the Middle East (Foreign Affairs)

  • A Middle East Paradox (Foreign Policy)

  • Why the War in Gaza Makes a Nuclear Iran More Likely (Foreign Affairs)

  • In a Diplomatic Show of Force, Arab Nations Might End Israel's Gaza War, Lebanon Border Hostilities (Haaretz)

  • Who Really Decides Biden's Israel-Gaza Policy? From the Inner Circle Outwards, a Guide to the U.S. Officials Who Matter (Haaretz)

  • The Jewish Community Rupture Over Israel-Palestine (The Intercept)

  • China’s Game in Gaza (Foreign Affairs 

  • Qatar’s Balancing Act in Gaza (Foreign Affairs)

  • South Africa has made its genocide case against Israel in court. Here’s what both sides said and what happens next (The Conversation 

  • What enforcement power does the International Court of Justice have in South Africa’s genocide case against Israel? (The Conversation)   

  • What Gulf States Want in Gaza (Foreign Policy)  

  • Enriched Iranium: How ayatollahs fund Hamas, Houthis, and Hezbollah (The Insider)

  • South Africa Takes Israel to Court (Foreign Policy)

  • Hezbollah Chief Eyes Chance for an Israeli Border Deal, but Warfare Has Its Own Rules (Haaretz

  • Why China Is Siding With the Palestinians in the Israel-Hamas War (Haaretz)

  • Gaza Is a Burning Topic for Southeast Asia’s Domestic Politics (Foreign Policy) 

  • Full-blown War With Israel Could Harm Hezbollah's Political Interests (Haaretz)

  • Should U.S. Aid to Israel Be Contingent on Human Rights? (The New Yorker)

  • Gaza war: how Qatar used its business connections to become a leading mediator in the Middle East (The Conversation)

  • The Case for Arab Leadership on Gaza (Foreign Affairs)

  • Western Powers Debate Whether to Back a Temporary Gaza Buffer Zone (Haaretz) 

  • The Cease-fire in Gaza Feeds a Confluence of Iranian and American Interests (Haaretz)

  • Iran’s political factions aren't united on Hamas, or the Middle East (Responsible Statecraft) 

  • Jordan’s Redline on Admitting Palestinians Is Unlikely to Change (Carnegie)

  • Pay Attention to the Arab Public Response to the Israel-Hamas War (Carnegie)  

  • How Qatar Became the World’s Go-To Hostage Negotiator (The New Yorker) 

  • Is Washington Responsible for What Israel Does With American Weapons? (Foreign Affairs) 

  • Macron Breaks Ranks With the West on Israel-Hamas War (Foreign Policy) 

  • How US, Hezbollah interests align amid Gaza war (Responsible Statecraft) 

  • Arab Peace Initiative II: How Arab Leadership Could Design a Peace Plan in Israel and Palestine (Carnegie)  

  • Hezbollah's Dangerous Play Might Trigger a Second, Full-scale War in Israel's North (Haaretz)

  • The West’s Incoherent Critique of Israel’s Gaza Strategy (Foreign Policy)

  • The Israel-Hamas War Is Dividing Europe’s Left (Foreign Policy)

  • How the Israel-Hamas war is destabilizing the Horn of Africa (Responsible Statecraft)

  • Israel-Hamas War: The Regional Ripple Effects (Foreign Policy)

  • Gaza divides the world along faultlines set by Ukraine war (Al Jazeera)

  • How Hamas Angled for Russia-China Support (The National Interest)

  • How the Global South is reacting to events in Israel and Gaza today (Responsible Statecraft) 

  • Israel-Palestine conflict divides South African politicians – what their responses reveal about historical alliances (The Conversation)  

  • EU backtracks on previous suspension of Palestinian development aid (Al Jazeera)


  • How I Get Through Just One Day in Gaza (The Nation)

  • 35 Israeli Jewish and Arab Rights Groups Call for Ceasefire, Hostage Deal, Political Solution to Conflict (Haaretz)

  •  A Father Reckons with the Hostage-Taking of His Family in Southern Israel (The New Yorker)  

  •  Gaza Is a Nightmare Today, but We Will Not Stop Dreaming of Freedom (The Nation)

  •  ‘A wave of terror:’ Hamas attack brings back haunting memories of war for Ukrainians in Israel (The Kyiv Independent)

  • ‘They will not break us:’ How Israelis feel about a new war with Hamas (RT)  

  • ‘We are completely shocked by the damage’: What are ordinary people in Gaza saying about Israel’s retaliation? (RT)  


  • For Israel's Political Cartoonists, the Gaza War Is a Thorny Battle (Haaretz)

  • When an Israeli Artist Is Not an Israeli Artist (Haaretz)

  • Top Jerusalem Theater Freezes Production After Writer Accuses Israel of 'Genocide' in Gaza (Haaretz)


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