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Track Two’s mission is to provide non-governmental change agents, visionaries in a variety of fields, with the tools, safe havens and support to foster and strengthen alliances that give rise to cross-border collaboration and peace-building networks. 

We do this by convening participants from across our areas of work in small gatherings and we cultivate the connections these gatherings create. 

Our core participants include journalists, artists and performers, educators, mediators, students, writers, business and nonprofit leaders, psychologists, scientists, lawyers, and philosophers. We identify priority areas of concern in our chief geographic areas of focus, gather the relevant thinkers and experts, and provide them with the safe and conducive spaces to address those issues. We plan meetings and conferences that encourage innovative thinking, support the exploration of shared priorities, and help our participants -- new and seasoned citizen diplomats -- to design and execute novel collaborative projects and out of the box solutions. 


Track Two envisions a future where people across borders find common ground to innovate and work together towards a peaceful, thriving world.  
We develop and sustain collaborative networks that advance cultural, educational, environmental, and scientific endeavors worldwide, aimed particularly at supporting those experiencing regional and cross-border conflict.
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