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2021 End of Year Letter

Dear Friends,

During the pandemic, Track Two's citizen diplomacy has continued despite the limitations on travel and face-to-face gatherings. We write to ask for your support now as Covid begins to fade.

Today, as borders open, shut, then reopen, we are confident that our work has impact in places near and far. Among our activities these last years, we:

  • organized a conference in St. Petersburg for young Russians and Americans to study each other’s cultures and ready themselves to carry on non-state work to bring the world closer together;

  • convened a zoom conference on microgrids with Mac McQuown that offered insight into the great potential of this alternative energy system that can be applied to individual houses, communities and even larger metropolitan areas; new microgrids are in development in places where traditional electrical systems are not found;

  • offered a webinar on wildlife trade generating zoonotic diseases described by Masha Vorontsova to deepen our understanding of life’s connectedness;

  • hosted a series on nuclear arms threats that reverberated across borders, brought together old friends and new, inspired positive relations and spawned new networks. Ideas from a three-day zoom conference followed by an in-person conference at Esalen formed part of the Putin-Biden Summit agenda. Small group meetings with representatives from each country, recommended at that conference, have begun!

  • Our October 2021 conference at Esalen, Capturing the Citizen Eye, included new experts and gifted artists. The participants generated a set of ideas for initiatives that we are eager to see implemented. Each participant took new knowledge to their own circles and networks on the urgency of climate, nuclear and cyber threats.

For many of us the world often seems broken. Human rights violations are on the rise and governance structures are being called into question. Yet Track Two continues to pursue the best of humanity, to find friendships despite misunderstandings and differences to renew efforts to support a more just and loving world. Thanks to your ongoing support, we have worked hard to accomplish what at times seemed impossible. Please join us yet again with a contribution of any amount so we can continue to build this powerful network of citizen diplomats. With warm regards, well wishes for a brilliant 2022 and a peaceful holiday season, Dulce, Carol and Ginger The Track Two Team


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