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End of Year Letter: Finding Trust and Hope for 2019

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

December 2019

Dear Friends: We returned from Russia and our 2019 Whom Do We Trust conference filled with hope and inspiration for the promise of citizen diplomacy to assure a good future for all! Our students and experts understood the power of bringing people together across borders to build this future. The students are developing solutions for various aspects of the four most urgent global issues: environmental degradation, cyber threat, nuclear rearmament and mass migration. Students and experts alike understood that we must form networks of people we can trust in order to move the needle on these issues. These networks are at the heart of Track Two's work in building peace across the troubled areas of our globe. Our One Network, representing members of all the regions we work in, met in April to explore the dissemination of consciousness and new technologies. And this month we held a Board retreat and welcomed Huda Abuarquob from Palestine and Ksenia Semenova from Russia to our Board of Directors. Thank you for your investment in this work. We ask for your continued support as we close the year and open our hearts to build a more peaceful and trustworthy world in 2020. Sending you warm regards for a joyous Holiday Season! The Track Two Team Dulce, Carol, Ginger and Mariah

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