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One Network Conference Report

An extraordinary week of revelation, education and inspiration spirited our One Network Conference at Esalen last month, bringing together for the first time all Track Two programs. Story telling by participants opened our discussions with deeply moving presentations, which explored the nature of leadership, national tragedies, global threats, and entrenched narratives.

We experienced joy, loss, wonder, distress; and we discovered avenues for sharing our common humanity and emboldening peacebuilders in our work together. Esalen provided a safe haven for powerful engagement and transfer of ideas, sharpening our sense of an imperative to move our work forward as never before.

Each cohort of Track Two constituents:

  1. received invaluable support for their work, as well as challenges to our underlying assumptions and values;

  2. practiced the important skill of framing our work in a new way, by presenting it to new colleagues who may have come from a completely different context;

  3. broadened each network to include one another in their work, expanding each framework to be both local and global.

The work of Citizen Diplomacy is difficult in the best of circumstances, and the extraordinary cross-fertilization that Track Two offered these participants, who came from a range of countries and work areas, would and could not have happened without this support. With new allies, Track Two cohorts now have “strange bedfellows” on whom they can depend. This is invaluable to accrue POWER to the work of Citizen Diplomacy. When we gather thought leaders across many divides, we put One Network together and to work.

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