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Peter B. Kaufman, a documentary filmmaker, writer, and teacher, is founder and executive producer of Intelligent Television and the Google-funded Intelligent Channel. He executive produces Intelligent Television’s media productions and directs the company’s research and strategic consulting work. He is also a Research Affiliate in the Office of Digital Learning at MIT — and he is President and Executive Director of Read Russia

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Kirill Artemenko

Kirill Artemenko is CEO of St. Petersburg based online media company Paperpaper. Before founding Paperpaper as an independent media startup in 2012 with a group of colleagues Kirill had been working as a reporter for several nationwide media outlets. He has a BA in journalism (St. Petersburg State University), an MA in technological entrepreneurship (ITMO University) and is an alumnus of the Future Media Management course at Stockholm School of Economy in Riga.

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Nadezhda Azgihkina

Novaya Gazeta
European Federation of Journalists

Nadezhda Azhgikhina is a longtime journalist, vice president of the European Federation of Journalists, and a member of the Russian Writers Union, Russian PEN, and the Gender Council of the International Federation of Journalists. She has coordinated international projects on  journalists’ rights and freedom of the media, as well as culture and gender, under the auspices of UNESCO, UN WOMEN, ILO, WHO, OSCE, and other institutions.

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Lizbeth Hasse has served as mediator, arbitrator, negotiator, or special master since 1998 in over 1,000 matters in the United States as well as internationally. Bringing 30+ years of international experience in the fields of intellectual property, business operations, entertainment and media, and technology law, Ms. Hasse has proven sophistication to manage a wide range of disputes. Ms. Hasse is best known for her commitment to the process and its participants. Her resourceful insights, tenacity, intellectual acumen, and masterful communication skills enable her to resolve high stakes and multi-party cases involving highly talented lawyers and their clients. Ms. Hasse is also a mentor to new mediators and frequently speaks and writes about mediation and intellectual property. She is a Board member of Track Two and Managing Attorney of Creative Industry Law.

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Yury Kabanov

St. Petersburg School of Social Sciences
Young Faculty Support Program

Yury Kabanov has been a lecturer at the St. Petersburg School of of Economics, where he is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Political Science. Prior to earning his master’s degree at the Higher School of Economics, he attended the Center of Advanced Security Theory at the University of Copenhagen. Kabanov was awarded the “Best Teacher” award in both 2015 and 2016 in the categories of “Future Lecturers” and “New Lecturers Under 30,” respectively.

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Sophia Kishkovsky

Sophia Kishkovsky has been a reporter based in Moscow since 1991. She started as an intern in the Moscow bureau of The New York Times, moved on to write for publications including Newsday and The Wall Street Journal Europe’s Central European Economic Review, and later worked as a researcher in The Washington Post’s Moscow bureau, reporting on the fall of the Soviet Union, the war in Chechnya and the rise of Russia’s oligarchs.

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Artem Samarsky

Artem Samarsky started his career at Echo of Moscow in St. Petersburg radio station in 2010. After participating in several international programmes, including an internship at the Canadian Parliament, he became involved with St. Petersburg debating community, winning a number of major Russian debate tournaments. With a master's degree in legal interpreting and translation from St. Petersburg State University, Artem currently works as an interpreter, heads an English-speaking British Parliamentary Debate Club at the Herzen University and works as a debate coach.


Vladimir Orlov is a graduate of Nizhny Novgorod Glinka Conservatory (as an organist and musicologist); he received Fulbright fellowship to John W Kluge centre (Library of Congress, Washington D.C.) and Gates Cambridge Scholarship that supported his doctorate in musicology at the University of Cambridge (United Kingdom). His research won awards, such as 1st Prizes at the musicological competitions. Currently he teaches the variety of subjects and co-chairs the British
Parliamentary Debate Society at St. Petersburg State University.

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