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The Disarming Act of Arming Ukraine

A NOTE: Our Russia-Ukraine Resources are updated weekly - if you're accessing the page a week or more past the below date, pieces mentioned in this post may have been removed to make room for up-to-date resources.

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Updated Resources - July 12, 2023

Demining Irpin

(National Police of Ukraine, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons)


  • Kyiv Independent: Newsfeed

  • Novaya Gazeta Europe: Newsfeed

  • The Insider: Newsfeed



The NATO alliance contemplates Ukraine's membership and welcomes Sweden to the group. The NATO meeting in Lithuania is carefully observed across the globe. Some surprises have emerged while predictable hesitation is also a player in the party. In today's collection Politico offers context on the return of the Azov generals to Ukraine, who influences decisions about arms as reported by Responsible Statecraft, and who ultimately delivers a peace-time Ukraine to NATO and when, as reported in Foreign Affairs.

Arms are given new meaning in a piece in the Kyiv Independent as the US prepares to deliver deadly cluster munitions to Ukraine against the advice of many allies including the UK. And the use of nuclear reactors as arms is explored by The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists and The Guardian.

As fighting continues in southeastern Ukraine, many reflect on the impact of Prigozhin's storm on the Russian Defense Ministry. Al Jazeera discusses Putin's "recovery." And propaganda is explained, the true "power" in Russia's Presidency revealed in a video interview by Russia Dissent.

Personal stories via a photo essay in Kyiv Post and a personal post on Medium offer a taste of reality for people on the front lines of this war. In the Arts, a Russian billionaire art collector discusses sanctions in ARTNews and a film on Mariupol is released in London.

Find these stories and more on today’s resource page.




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