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The New Yorker Recommends "Spacebridge" Podcast In Its Top Picks for March


A Radiotopia podcast series exploring one of Track Two's earliest projects, the U.S.-Soviet Spacebridges, is included in The New Yorker's, "Three Podcasts to Listen to in March"

Read on for more information about Track Two's involvement with this historic effort in international communication and listen to the podcast here!



At the height of nuclear threat, Track Two and its partners arranged a series of interactive television links called “Spacebridges”. Beginning in 1982, these public videoconferences relied on emerging technologies of the time to enable face-to-face interaction between American and Soviet citizens, who asked each other questions and gained new perspectives. Beyond this dialogue between ordinary citizens spacebridges presented discussions in which prominent scientists, public figures, astronauts, and journalists took part.

A high profile series was hosted by American media personality, film producer, and writer, Phil Donohue, and Soviet journalist, broadcaster, and Track Two advisor Vladimir Pozner. These public telecasts between the US and the USSR aired on national television in both countries and were viewed by nearly two hundred million citizens. Today, they are still shown to schoolchildren throughout Russia.

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