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Laudato Si' Award

In 2017, IAN participant Huda Abuarquob was granted the first ever Vatican Laudato Si’ Award to an individual, in recognition of social entrepreneurship, for her leadership in the peacebuilding movement through the organization Alliance for Middle East Peace (ALLMEP). ALLMEP secures and scales up funding to expand trust-building between Palestinians and Israelis, connects individuals and groups to create a critical mass that live and act in support of peace, and provides capacity-building support and visibility to amplify the voices and impact of its member organizations. ALLMEP has over 100 member organizations throughout the Middle East and around the world.



Women Wage Peace



On October 8, 2017, an unprecedented 35,000 Israelis and Palestinians gathered at a rally in Jerusalem organized by Huda Abuarquob and ALLMEP member organization Women Wage Peace. The rally was the culmination of a two week Peace Walk across Israel, bringing together thousands across economic, political, and ethnic backgrounds in support of peace. Women Wage Peace, the grassroots movement behind this action, was formed shortly after the Gaza War in 2014. It is comprised of tens of thousands of members across the political, religious, ethnic, and geographical spectrums, all of whom are united in a demand for mutually binding, non-violent accord agreeable to all sides.

Goldziher Prize

The Goldziher Prize is an award for excellence in the coverage of American Muslims by an individual or team of U.S. journalists.The Goldziher Prize was created in response to the rising fear and hateful actions toward American Muslims. The award seeks to publicly recognize and stimulate stories or opinion pieces about Muslims in the U.S. This competition is named for Ignác Goldziher (1850-1921), a Hungarian Jew who was one of the first university scholars in Europe to study and admire the laws, poetry, and practices of Islam. In 2017, the award was presented to Joshua Seftel for “The Secret Lives of Muslims,” to Samuel Freedman for his series of columns chronicling American Muslims, and to Robin Wright for her series exploring the rich contributions of Muslims to the American Experience.



Nobel Peace Prize Nomination




In 2018 Combatants for Peace (CFP), the NGO co-founded by IAN participant Sulaiman Khatib, was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. CFP is an organization developed by former Israeli soldiers who served in the IDF and Palestinians who acted as combatants. The work of these men and women, who had previously taken an active role in the violence that plagues the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, centers around principles of non-violence and the humanistic values of freedom, democracy, security, and dignity for all. “Disturbing the Peace,” a critically acclaimed documentary that chronicles the organization’s work was released in 2016. 

Beyond Fundamentalism

Beginning in 2005, IAN hosted a series of conferences and symposiums to address the global rise of religious fundamentalism. Activists, political psychologists, media personalities, and religious leaders gathered at these events to address the contributing factors and ramifications of the growing trend of fundamentalism in the Christian, Islamic, Jewish, and Hindu faiths.



IAN Newsletter




Since 2009, IAN Director Joseph Montville has curated a weekly newsletter focused on articles, book reviews, and other relevant information that highlight cooperation amongst members of the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim faiths. Beginning in 2018, these newsletters will be produced on a quarterly basis, and will include more detailed commentary, along with contributions from different IAN participants.

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