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Board Member, Track Two

James (Jim) Hirst got his start in citizen diplomacy as a member of Citizen’s Reach Out, an organization that told the stories of Iraqi Refugees who have made their way to the U.S. West Coast. These stories are direct interviews of Iraqi civilians who have survived the U.S. invasion of their country and show the ongoing effects of that war and our military first foreign policy.

Jim is retired after a long career in the U. S. Merchant Marine. A world wide seagoing career where he saw first hand the degradation of marine environment as well as attempts to mitigate these harms through the implementation of UN regulations; Safety of Life at Sea and the Prevention of Pollution from Ships.

He is now involved with U.S electoral politics through Community Action Networks that seeks to turn Non-Voters into Voters in Battleground States.

He comes from a large family whose Father was a U.S. Naval Officer and a Mother who was a War Bride from Australia.

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