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Track Two Presents

Whom Do We Trust 2019

global threats


September 19 - 22


St. Petersburg, Russia


The Herzen Russian State Pedagogical University


In 2018 Track Two with its partners, Esalen Institute, Herzen Russian State Pedagogical University and CIEE, hosted the Whom Do We Trust Conference – Perception Building in an Era of Fake News for Russian and American college students in St. Petersburg, Russia. The 2018 student groups asked why we cannot make enemies of global issues rather than of Nations. When the world is in such peril from issues that transcend national concern, they felt it was foolish to perpetuate enemy-making of one another.  Instead they wanted to make threats to all humanity – from climate change and environmental degradation, nuclear proliferation, cyber systems, mass migrations, global pandemics, education, among others - the enemies that nations might unite against.


In 2019 the conference will delve into these topics through the lens of trust, in two days of activities. The Conference will include discussion about possible solutions, with a summary evening session ahead of a group cultural tour to take place on the fourth day of the conference.


A Track Two Network member will also lead a series of story-telling workshops woven through the Conference to coalesce the group and offer a new skillset in story-telling. Throughout the students will be invited to study materials Track Two will share in a private network online and to contribute their opinions and suggestions actively. Moderators who are subject-matter experts will lead group discussions and throughout all participants will be invited to participate actively.  

Conference Description
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