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Additional Links

  • Jessica Yellin - Author + News Correspondent

  • Erin Trieb - Photojournalist + Filmmaker

  • Serhii Korovainyi - Documentary and portrait photographer sharing photos from Ukraine

  • Salwan Georges - Staff photojournalist at The Washington Post sharing photo essays from Ukraine

  • Upworthy - "Delivering you the best of humanity every day."

  • Post via @Upworthy - Chef Jose Andres is feeding refugees at Ukraine-Poland border

  • Reel via @Upworthy - Ukrainian soccer player brought to tears by powerful show of support from Lisbon crowd

  • Reel via @GoodNewsDog - Thousands of Berlin residents showed up at the central train station with sign boards offering refugees fleeing Ukraine a place to stay

  • Olga Tokariuk - CEPA fellow, disinformation researcher, and independent correspondent in Kyiv 

  • Ukraine World - News outlet posting heavily on social media, sharing informative sources and first-hand footage from its independent journalists

  • Reddit users offering Ukrainian refugees support and resources directly in discussion threads 1  2


  • Kyiv Independent - Independent English-language outlet reporting from the front lines (Twitter)
  • The New Voice of Ukraine - Independent outlet covering the conflict in English, Ukrainian, and Russian publishing breaking news, analyses, and op-eds from scholars and experts
  • Novaya Gazeta - Moscow-based newspaper known its own country for critical and investigative coverage of Russian politics and social affairs
  • Kommersant - Daily Russian-language newspaper published in Russia, primarily covering politics and business (many web browsers will prompt you to translate the page)

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