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The Neighborhood is Different Now

Updated Resources - September 8, 2022

Passengers leave an aircraft belonging to Belarusian airline Belavia in Moscow on a new Minsk-Moscow flight. (Artyom Geodakyan / TASS)

Dear Friends,

Today’s collection examines the shifting post-invasion dynamics between Russia and its neighbors in the region. We learn that Poland and the Baltics stated their intent to join EU visa restrictions for Russian citizens, temporarily and with some exceptions, due to ‘public policy and security threats’. Georgia, a popular destination for opponents of the war, is increasingly denying entry to Russian citizens, meanwhile a growing number of Russians holiday in Belarus in an effort to access Western goods and financial services made unavailable by sanctions at home.

In Serbia a growing number of Russian firms take up residence to contend with war and sanctions-related disruptions. Finland grapples with impending NATO alignment and the inescapable threat along a large shared border. The transactional nature of Russia and Turkey’s relationship is explored. Read these stories and more in today’s resources, including:

In videos, watch Wilson Center experts share insights on the state of Russia’s economy, unity among western powers facing energy supply threats, and more.

In the arts, the Moscow International Film Festival transformed by war, Russian director Roman Volobuev reflects on the cultural response to the conflict, the current state of Russia’s classical music culture, and leading documentarian and war critic Vitaly Manksy is placed on a wanted list.

With warm regards,

The Track Two Team


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