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october 16 - october 21 // 2022

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Ilya Lagutenko

Music Producer, Performer, Entrepreneur,

VR Visionary, Eco Cultural Supporter

Ilya Lagutenko spent his childhood in Vladivostok, where the Trans-Siberian railway ends. "People there do have this feeling that they live on the edge of the world". He had his first addictive taste of touring as a child in a proper propaganda-style Soviet choir, singing songs about Lenin in Siberian factories.

After studying in the Far Eastern University he moved to China and then UK working for various investment businesses . It was here that Lagutenko recorded his album Morskaya ( Nautical ) under the stage name Mumiy Troll. This went to number one and was called a cult record that has changed pop and rock music in post-Soviet territories. Mumiy Troll was the first to appear on Russian MTV.

While touring globally for more than 20 years Ilya also founded several music and culture festivals, most notable is V-ROX which was a platform for music, cultural and business exchange of Pacific Rim countries for almost ten years.

Lagutenko is a well-known supporter of Siberian tiger conservation. He masterminded the 1st International Tiger Summit in 2011. In 2020 during the Pandemic he produced the first ever VR and online festival to raise awareness for Protecting Antarctica Oceans.

Now Ilya resides in Los Angeles with his family. He curates Pacific Sound and Vision 501 Non-Profit programs to educate young musicians from Pacific Rim countries on music business realities. Ilya is also a sailing enthusiast and spend his time trying to find a solutions to expose kids of all ages not only to water activities, but more of high performance sailing theories and ocean biodiversity

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