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Catch up on anything you missed from The Third Bomb conference.

DAY ONE - MARCH 16, 2021

Day One provides an overview of the current circumstance particularly as it relates to the Russia - US relationship and competition. What are the greatest areas of threat in the nuclear arms dilemma. Welcome address given by Track Two President and Chairman, Dulce Murphy. Moderated by Track Two board member Virginia Thomson. With gratitude to our experts and speakers: William Potter, Jerry Brown, Alexey Arbatov, Sig Hecker, Jonathan Alter, Antonina Bouis, Tamar Miller, and Michael Murphy.

Produced and Edited By Patsy Northcutt


DAY TWO - MARCH 17, 2021

Day Two offers insight into nuclear threats involving the other nuclear states and engages an intrepid group of leaders in imagining how mitigation might look. With gratitude to our experts and speakers: Adlan Margoev, Hanna Notte, Rose Tenyotkin, Elena Chernenko, Dave Morin, Joi Ito, Marian Goodell, and Cassandra Vieten.

Produced and Edited By Patsy Northcutt


DAY THREE - MARCH 18, 2021

Day Three offers insight on the convergence of cyber and nuclear threats - ingredients for a "perfect storm when brought together. And we also dove more deeply into frameworks for solutions, for actions and for engaging new voices, new generations in threat mitigation. With gratitude to Joi Ito and Dave Morin for leading the discussion.

Produced and Edited By Patsy Northcutt