Winter 2016-2017


Dear Friend,


Our recent election has made it clear to me that Track Two Diplomacy is more important than ever. Just as we assumed our mission in 1980 in response to the Cold War and the threat of nuclear self-annihilation, TRACK TWO is once again mandated to bring its citizen diplomacy to an even more troubled world.


In 2016 we worked in three particularly sensitive areas:


The Middle East – We held the International Abrahamic Network core group meeting at Esalen Institute to strengthen established relationships and to introduce influential organizations and individuals into our network that now numbers thousands of individuals and institutions. We are busy at work on 2017’s convening, directed to strengthening relationships that lead to tolerance and cooperation amongst the Abrahamic religions.


Russia – Our trip to Russia in September resulted in a commitment to hold a conference in 2017 to bring the story of the positive Russian-American relationship created through TRACK TWO in 1980 to a new generation as a model of the friendship that is possible when our two nations cooperate. The goal of such an event would be to establish programs that can further promote improvement in the Russian-American partnership, reduce the threat of nuclear disaster, and move our two countries toward a more peaceful co-existence.


China - In its eighth year of our Chinese-American Potential Project, a core group traveled to Hong Kong to experience and learn about the latest developments in China, to reinforce relationships with those who have come to Esalen from China and to introduce new groups to our network and for future meetings of TRACK TWO/Esalen.  


Our website offers you a chance to explore our journey in more detail.


We are grateful for your ongoing support of TRACK TWO, founded 36 years ago working to improve America’s relations with citizens of countries in conflict, including our own!  We hope you will continue your support that over the years has made it possible for us to shift perspectives and work towards a more peaceful world. To make a contribution please click here.





Dulce W. Murphy

President and Executive Director